‘Running Man’ Jessi, Solar, Jeon So-mi, Lee Young-ji, unpredictable ‘big sister’ appears

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Lee Da-gyeom]

Jessi, Solar of Mamamoo, Jeon So-mi, and Lee Young-ji appear in ‘Running Man’.

The recent recording of the SBS entertainment program ‘Running Man’ is decorated with a younger sister in high school who secretively dreams to be a singer without family, a sister who wants to graduate from school, and a brother-in-law’s cheating brother race.

When she appeared in ‘Running Man’, Jessi, who always stood at the center of the topic, again gave a big smile with her special chemistry with the members, and her unique quirkyness. In addition, the new song ‘NUNU NANA’ was staged and radiated the charm of charismatic sister. Solar released the unpretentious ‘Chin’ reaction, known as a visitor with great reaction, and amazed the members.

Jeon So-mi, who is usually called ‘Vitasome’, exudes charm through the new song ‘What you waiting for’. However, she said, “I learned to betray through ‘Running Man’.” Despite being her first appearance, Lee Young-ji, the youngest female high school girl, proved ‘a trend these days’ with her dazzling charm and aesthetic sense, which she does not stand in front of her seniors.

‘Running Man’, where all four younger sisters with attractive charms appear, will be aired on August 2 at 5 pm.


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