‘Tenet’, 2D·4DX·IMAX·Dolby Cinema released

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Hyun-Jung Han]

Christopher Nolan’s new film, ‘Tenet’, is shown in 2D, 4DX, IMAX and Dolby Cinema formats.

‘Tenet’ is a multi-genre action blockbuster with spy action added to the Heist movie as a story that changes the past in progress against future attacks to prevent the Third World War.

IMAX and 70mm film cameras were shot in seven countries, the largest ever in overseas locations, to complete an international spying event that transcends time and space on a scale of history. He built the largest outdoor set in the history of the movie, and actually shot Boeing 747 planes and hangar explosions, not CG.

The general 2D movie theater offers a wonderful experience as the best entertainment movie ever. In addition, it will expand the enjoyment of watching movies in the theater by maximizing the immersion of the audience through the screening of special halls in various formats. A realistic screening environment is built from 4DX that adds liveliness to motion seats and various special effects, IMAX for the ultimate audio-visual appeal, and Dolby Cinema to which Dolby’s video and sound technology is applied.

‘Tenet’ is a highly anticipated work that will revive the global film industry, which has been stagnant due to the Covid-19 crisis. Enthusiastic theater advocate Nolan and the cast of’Tenet’ are also actively encouraging viewing at the theater.

John David Washington said, “If you look at ‘Tenet’ on the big screen of the theater, the impression will last longer and give the audience the best experience of your life.” “Look at ‘Tenet’ on the largest screen possible,” said Robert Pattinson, and Kenneth Branagh said, “The huge scale of ‘Tenet’ can only be seen on large screens.”

It is the world’s most anticipated work by 2020 fans and the first Hollywood tent pole movie released after the Covid-19 Pandemic around the world. It is a long-awaited blockbuster syndrome. It is expected that with the opening of the reservation, a fierce advance war is anticipated, and like the previous films of Nolan’s previous works, it is expected to provoke the topic of the N-th viewing fever with a variety of interpretations. It is the first in the world to open in Korea on August 26, which is faster than North America.


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