‘Zombie Detective’ Choi Jin-hyuk, Park Joo-hyun, captures script reading ‘Energetic’

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Yang So-young]

In ‘Zombie Detective’, we released the behind-the-scenes video of script reading with a pleasant atmosphere.

KBS2’s new drama ‘Zombie Detective’ (directed by Sim Jae-hyun, playwright Bae Eun-jin, and production Raemong Lane), which is about to be broadcast for the first time in the second half of this year, is a human comedy drama in which the zombies of the second year of resurrection are struggling to find their past.

A zombie character with a neat appearance and charisma, Choi Jin-hyuk in the role of Kim Moo-young, and Park Joo-hyun’s unusual chemistry in the Gongn Seon-ji, full of passion and enthusiasm, are counted as spectator points. In the midst of this, a lively script reading behind making video has been released, making the hearts of prospective viewers excited.

In the released video, the actors who breathe in a friendly atmosphere are captured. Choi Jin-hyuk smokes laughter flowers in the field with witty jokes and laughter, while raising the immersion by vividly expressing the characters of the play and the characters between humans and zombies. Park Joo-hyun is proud of his face with a cool smile and a strong voice. The two of them make the expectation of a plump chemist more comfortable while exhaling and breathing in a comfortable atmosphere in a constant atmosphere.

On the other hand, Kim Moo-young’s rival detective Seong Lok and Wang Wei, a character played by Tae Hang-ho, are exchanging delightful Tikitaka and boasting a brilliant presence. In particular, Lee Jung-ok, unlike a profound appearance, said, “I am twenty-nine and ninety-five, born in 92,” and made a great acting to make the scene a sea of laughter. Hwang Bora also acted as a child actor and shared Choi Jin-hyuk and laugh-filled acting breaths, giving a glimpse of the fantastic synergy between the main and supporting actors.

‘Zombie Detective’, which will attract viewers with a historical chemistry of characters and actors full of personality, is set for the first broadcast in the second half of this year.


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