After the death of Jaebum Yoon, ‘The Good Detective’… Act 2 watching point

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There is a reason why JTBC’s drama ‘The Good Detective’ (written by Choi Jin-won, director Cho Nam-guk, production Blossom Story, and JTBC Studio) is well received as a ‘well-made genre’. This is because the unpredictable development and the actions of the characters who break the expectations have transformed into a genre that can be sympathized by touching the emotions of viewers. At the center of this dense story and elaborate direction are director Cho Nam-guk and Choi Jin-won. These combi thanked the viewers for their high love, and responded directly to the curiosity. The following is the answer.

◆ Attention of viewers

From the first week of broadcasting, ‘The Good Detective’, which produced a ‘best practice’ result of 4% ratings, maintained its first place in the Monday and Tuesday Drama by renewing its highest viewership rating with 5.1% nationwide and 6.3% in the metropolitan area in the last eight episodes. Writer Choi Jin-won said, “It seems that despite the heavy content, the actors who played in their respective roles and played realistic acts, and the directing and filming that created a cheerful rhythm in the drama, seemed to draw viewers’ sympathy. “I am very satisfied as a writer that a good process was created regardless of the final result.” Director Cho Nam-guk also said, “The story of following people rather than the incident seems to have received a good response from viewers. Thank you to the actors who played this story with perfection.”

◆ Meaning of detectives

In the last 7-8 episodes, Kang Do-chang (Son Hyun-joo) was asked about the poisonous meaning of the criminal. Detective Jang Jin-soo’s wife, Jung Yoo-sun (Ahn Si-ha), who asked Kang Do-chang “Is detective a special?. And, Kang Eun-hee, Do-chang’s sister, said to him in confusion, “Know yourself. Who really lives in the gutter?” It was also a question of the definition of ‘The Good Detective’ in the title. Writer Choi Jin-won said, “The appearance of Kang Do-chang as a detective, suffering from conscience or duty, seems to be overlooked by the family and his neighbors. In the end, he explained,’It is a scene where a complaint about whether it is right to sacrifice someone for self-satisfaction as a detective is expressed.’ “Detectives are not a job that is a tremendous financial benefit or honor. “However, society demands thorough morality and responsibility from them.” “How many human conflicts have Kang Do-chang going through to make his faith as a detective, and we are not asking for too much moral standards for detectives who are just ordinary people? It was meant to think about it.”

◆ The execution of Lee Dae-cheol (Cho Jae-yoon), the story after that

“I wanted to show the reality of society now that the once distorted truth is difficult to recover again,” said Choi Jin-won. The death penalty proceeded as scheduled, Kang Do-chang and Oh Ji-hyuk (Jang Seung-jo) strive to  reconsider executioner Lee Dae-cheol (Cho Jae-yoon), but failed to turn over the centrifuge. So, while viewers responded with sadness and sadness, Choi Jin-won said, “If you felt the dark and frustrating reality of Lee Dae-cheol’s death, you will be watching the cheerful reverse of the detectives from now on.” “How detectives condemn people who simply concealed the case for their own sake, and real criminals who were unable to make judicial punishment through retrial. The main point of the story is whether the strong team 2 detectives who have far less power than their opponents overcome the inferiority of the power and unfold the counter electrode against them.”

◆ Act 2 watching point

Then, what is the point of watching the second act that director Cho Nam-guk thinks? The death of Lee Dae-cheol “has inflicted wounds and loss on Kang Do-chang, Oh Ji-hyuk, Jin Seo-kyeong (Lee Eliya), Lee Eun-hye (Lee Ha-eun) and powerful 2 team members.” It will be done, pay attention to the starting point.” “In the second act, a character who did not get much attention in the first act comes to the heart of the case. Please watch what kind of situation the character has, and how the character will affect Kang Do-chang and Oh Ji-hyuk’s truly approaching steps.”

‘The Good Detective’ 9th, today (3rd) Monday, 9:30 JTBC broadcast.

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