“Animal farm” apologized for controversy over mocking physically challenged dog, “We think more about animal positions”

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Idagyeom]

The official YouTube channel ‘Animal Look’ of SBS ‘TV Animal Farm’ apologized for the controversy over disability dogs.

“Animal Farm” recently commented on YouTube, “We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused by editing the last part of this video (Hodol) notice differently from the main broadcast.”

“Above all, we would like to try harder and be more careful to become an animal team that thinks more about the animal’s position and the hearts of those who love animals. We bow again and apologize.”

Earlier, the ‘Animal Farm’ side posted a video titled ‘The thing that made Hodol, who couldn’t walk suddenly without knowing the cause, runs again in 4 years…’

While the video contained the story of Hodol who could not use his hind legs, the video editor subtitled Hodol who pulled out his hind legs as ‘It’s not a troubled dog’ or ‘Hodol’s legs are on strike’.

The ‘Animal Farm’ side described Hodol as if he was using tricks to draw attention, but Hodol, who appeared on the main broadcast, was hit by a disabled dog who could not use the actual hind legs beyond the peripheral nervous system. Viewers protested that the dog was distorted and edited like a problem dog.


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