‘Great Bae Tae-rang’ Jang Hyuk vs Ahn Jung-hwan, thigh wrestling winner?

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Actor Jang Hyuk played a thigh wrestling confrontation with Bae Tae-rang members.

In the JTBC entertainment program ‘Great Bae Tae-rang’, which will be aired on the 3rd, the story of members who challenged ‘boxing’ with the sixth avatar mission will be revealed.

In the recent ‘Great Bae Tae-Rang’ recording, members met with boxing master Jang Hyuk after receiving a mission to ‘suck sweat with boxing master’. Members and Jang Hyuk played a punch game and thigh wrestling with a warm-up game.

First, when the punch machine came out, Kim Ho-joong, who had the first experience in punching games in other broadcasts, showed a confident attitude, and Hyun Joo-yeop, who scored a perfect score for finger punching, also showed a momentum. Jang Hyuk showed a weaker appearance than their thoughts, and Jung Hyung-don made fun of Jang Hyuk as a ‘fist’.

Following this, Jang Hyuk’s 1:6 thigh wrestling was held. In the early days, Jang Hyuk, who had beaten Bae Tae-rang in the early stage, bite whether he was struggling with his strength toward the second half. Soon after Ahn Jung-hwan of the thigh end appeared, he shook his head saying, “I can’t win.” Who will be the winners of Ahn Jung-hwan, who has been trained in soccer, and Jang Hyuk and Thigh Wrestling who have been exercising steadily with boxing and boxing?

Subsequently, the members began punching the bag by practicing using the basics of boxing. In particular, the smiles were created by attaching the faces of the desired members to the sandbag. Among the members, Kim Yong-man is the face of the most popular face. All members except Jeong Ho-young chose Kim Yong-man for their own reasons. Kim Yong-man said, “I am mentally damaged.”

Meanwhile, ‘Great Bae Tae-Rang’ is aired on the 3rd at 11:00 pm.


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