Kang Soo-jeong “A rumor about a wife of the chaebol in Hong Kong? That’s not true. husband is a financial worker” (‘Radio Show’)

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Kim So-yeon]

Kang Soo-jeong, former announcer, explained to the rumors that he married a Hong Kong chaebol husband.

Kang Soo-jeong appeared as guest on KBS radio ‘Park Myung-soo’s Radio Show’ (hereinafter radio show), which was broadcast on the 3rd.

Kang Soo-jeong said, “I am from the 28th KBS announcer, and my motive was three men and two women. Today, my two brothers came and greeted me. I met them in their 20s, but they are now in their 40s.

On that day, Park Myung-soo asked about the program’s signature question, Monthly Income. Kang Soo-jeong said, “My husband is not a chaebol, but I married a man whom I love.” Kang Soo-jeong added, “I married a loved one, and this person was smart.” My husband is working on the financial side.

He said, “The monthly income is enough to go back and forth from Hong Kong to Korea. Now it’s difficult because of Covid-19. Last week, the whole family went to Hong Kong. I’m doing a fixed program right now, so I’m staying with my parents in Korea.”

Kang Soo-jeong’s house is a 31-story apartment located on the Hong Kong Island side. “I can see the sea, so the view is good,” Kang Soo-jeong explained.


Photo| KBS Visible Radio Capture
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