Lee Yeol-eum, from girl to lady… Chic 200% charge completed

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Shin Young-eun]

Actress Lee Yeol-eum’s unusual transformation was revealed.

Lee Yeol-eum, who is drawing attention as a rising star, decorated the August issue of the fashion magazine ‘W Korea’. Even though this pictorial was completed with Lee Yeol-eum’s new charm, she can meet her as he is more mature and attracts attention.

In the released pictorial, Lee Yeol-eum showed unchanging innocent visuals and intense energy, and gave freshness to those who exploded the charisma hidden in a fresh and lovely atmosphere known to the public. The unique gaze of Lee Yeol-eum is further maximized by harmonious harmony of the staring gaze and the dreamy atmosphere that creates the mystery.

Lee Yeol-eum conveyed a serious belief in acting in an interview conducted with a photo shoot. “There is also hunger that I want to meet a work that gets the attention of the public. However, I believe that if you are faithful to acting, such works will rise naturally. Nowadays, I think that learning and learning acting is the first priority,” she said. For more pictorial and interviews with Lee Yeol-eum, you can see the August issue of ‘W Korea’.

On the other hand, Lee Yeol-eum has been recognized for her potential as an actor by appearing in various works such as the dramas ‘The King of High School’, ‘The Secret of the Village-Achiara’,’Aeganjang’, and ‘Dae Jang Geum Is Watching’. This year, he received a lot of love from viewers earlier this year, and he made an eye-catcher to the public through ‘Gangtaek-Women’s War’, which set the record for the highest TV rating in TV dramas. Lee Yeul-eum, who is firming herself as a next-generation actress, is also drawing attention.


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