Shim Jin-hwa and Kim Won-hyo released their own production calendar…

[Daily Economy Star Today Lee Hae-jeong Intern Reporter]

A couple of representatives from the gag community, Shim Jin-hwa and Kim Won-hyo released a special calendar.

Shim Jin-hwa posted a photo on her Instagram on the 3rd with the text “My home vanity mini calendar. August is more lovely for my husband.”

On the released August calendar, Shim Jin-hwa, disguised as a solemn king, and Kim Won-hyo, who was reborn as a charming (?) mermaid princess, are included. Shim Jin-hwa feels intense from the eyes, and Kim Won-hyo exudes elegance from her fingertips. The two people who are completely impressed with the concept create laughter.

On the other hand, on the calendar, ‘Honey! I love you this month too!’ is written to remind the affection of the couple.

Fans of Shim Jin-hwa and Kim Won-hyo’s comic calendar responded with “The couple’s daily lives are exciting like a comedy show”, “both seem to be the best friends of each other”, “I want to have it. Can’t I buy that one?”

Meanwhile, Shim Jin-hwa and Kim Won-hyo married in September 2011.

Photo| Sim Jinhwa SNS

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