‘Simple Cleaning’ Ko Ju-won, single house released… He Loves Minimal life

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Shin Young-eun]

Ko Ju-won will appear in ‘Simple Cleaning’.

On tvN’s ‘Simple Cleaning’, aired on the 3rd, actor Ko Ju-won, who lives in the ‘Single House’ representing single men and women across the country, will appear as the sixth client.

Unlike its clients, Ko Ju-won, the client of today, is attracting attention by pursuing minimal life. In particular, Ko Ju-won, who recently spent a lot of time at home, adds curiosity because he is known to have changed his own home for his own minimal life.

However, due to the taste of high spirits who enjoy a variety of sports such as fishing, golf, scuba diving, and hiking as a hobby, attention is focused on a single house that will be transformed by visits by a clean group due to the regret that they could not take advantage of the minimal life.

In particular, it is a prospect that will satisfy the viewers by looking for a place where the objects that contain memories from childhood, as well as luxury objects that are left everywhere. You can see what the space of Ko Ju-won, which has changed noticeably from the sincere talk held with the new organizers, will look like on the TV.

On the other hand, tvN ‘Simple Cleaning’ is a program that organizes the objects of ‘home’, which is my own space, and shares the know-how that adds happiness to the space. It is broadcast every Monday at 10:30.


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