‘Spicy Mania’ Uee selects’Bulgogi Sauce’ model (official)

[Reporter Seong Jung-eun of Daily Economy Star Today]

Actress Uee was selected as the model for ‘Buldak Sauce’ of Samyang Food.

Actress Uee, who recently appeared in MBC ‘I Live Alone’ and showed her moment as spicy foods enthusiast with unaffected and hairy charm, became the model for Samyang Food’s ‘Buldak sauce’.

While living in an entertainment industry, Uee said she had a difficult time pretending to eat even a small amount of food due to the mental burdens and grievances she had. Then he became a hot topic by regaining his appetite through ‘spicy taste’ and becoming a spicy maniac afterwards, enjoying the Hansang garnish with bulgogi sauce and cheonyang pepper without having to eat breakfast every morning.

Uee, who became a spicy evangelist, increased consumer interest in Bulgogi sauce, and Uee, who was selected as a model, is expected to play a role in continuing the spicy craze.

In response to the news of Uee’s model selection, netizens responded that it was a proper model casting, such as “Uee, a successful fan of Buldak sauce” and “I am looking forward to a collaboration with spicy flavors.”

An official from Samyang Food said, “As the hot food culture is spreading along with the spicy craze, the demand for Bulgogi Sauce is increasing at home and abroad. We plan to spur publicity. “It was used as a model in line with the brand’s directionality, and I look forward to synergy through the collaboration with Yuiwa.”

Expectations are increasing for Uee’s future performance, who has recently been loved by a variety of new features through various platforms.


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