Treasure, debut single album Pre-order 150,000↑…’The best record’ among all YG newcomers

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YG large-scale new TREASURE’s debut first single album pre-order increased to more than 150,000.

This is the record of the group’s four-day pre-sale, which has not yet debuted, and is the highest number among all YG’s newest albums, confirming their green market penetration.

An official from YG on the 3rd said, “It was decided over the weekend to produce 50,000 additional pieces of Treasure’s first single album ‘THE FIRST STEP: CHAPTER ONE’.”

Treasure’s first single album,’THE FIRST STEP: CHAPTER ONE’, recorded 100,000 pre-orders in the first two days of the pre-sale, foretelling an unusual popularity sensation. It took a large part, but this time the reaction from China is heating up again, and YG screams pleasantly.

An official from YG said, “Currently, there are a lot of pre-orders in Korea, China and Japan, but requests for album purchases are active in various countries including the United States and Southeast Asia.”

Treasure is a large rookie group that YG announces four years after the debut of Blackpink. The group consists of 12 members, Choi Hyun-suk, Jihoon, Yoshi, Junkyu, Masiho, Jae-hyeok, Asahi, Bang Ye-dam, Doyoung, Haruto, Park Jeong-woo and So Jeong-hwan, and it is a group aimed at the global market.

On the 13th of last month, as soon as the debut Coming soon poster was released, Twitter global trends as well as Weibo hot trending emerged to cheer fans. Their YouTube channel subscribers have surpassed 1.34 million, and the cumulative number of views has been over 100 million views.

On the other hand, YG revealed the Treasure debut D-4 countdown poster featuring the portraits of Choi Hyun-seok, Yoshi, Do-young and So Jeong-hwan on the official blog on this day to enhance the atmosphere. It is expected that the countdown poster, which eight other members will participate in, will also be released sequentially.

Treasure will release his first album ‘THE FIRST STEP: CHAPTER ONE’ and the music video for the title song ‘BOY’, debuting at 6 PM on August 7th.

Physical albums began pre-sale on the 29th of last month through YG Select and major distribution channels, and can be found in online and offline stores nationwide on August 13th.

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