‘I can’t be the No. 1’ Kim Ji-hye, Park Joon-hyung’s radio appearance…

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Kim Ji-hye will be on a radio show, hosted by her husband, Park Joon-hyyng, as a daily guest.

In the JTBC entertainment program ‘I Can’t Be the No. 1’, which will be aired on the 5th, Kim Ji-hye was invited to the radio program, co-hosted by her husband Park Joon-hyung and Jeong Kyung-mi. She prepared for some ‘Park Joon-hyung goods’ for his fellow radio workers, creating warmth. When Park Joon-hyung said, “Don’t say something like ‘reservation because it’s a live broadcast,” Kim Ji-hye replied, “You’re in the second heyday thanks to ‘reservation’.”

On this day, the couple’s hot talks shine as the daily guest of Jeong Kyung-mi’s husband Yoon Hyung-bin participated as a daily guest. Kim Ji-hye continued to reveal episodes related to the ‘reservation system’ that her husband had banned, so she quickly pulled out the soul of veteran DJ Park Joon-hyung and shouted out the scene of Park Joon-hyung and duet song “No. 1 is Jung Kyung-mi Yoon Hyung-bin!”

After the radio ended, the four people gathered together to talk about their marriage. Jung Kyung-mi revealed that “Hyunbin Yoon never did the dishes”, and Kim Ji-hye, Park Joon-hyeong, said, “No. 1 comes from the hidden. “It’s all blown up and burst inside,” he said.

On the other hand, Jeong Kyung-mi said, “Park Jun-hyung puts out the words he couldn’t have at home on the radio,” and revealed his dual life, followed by a counter attack with ‘Park Joon-hyung’ and confusing his soul.

The radio outing of Kim Ji-hye can be confirmed on JTBC ‘I can’t be the No. 1′ broadcasted at 11 PM on the 5th.


Photo courtesy| JTBC’Can’t be No. 1’

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