Joy of ‘Affordable Tour’, met with photographer Park again…Implementation of works full of refreshing beauty

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Joey reunites with photographer Park.

Red Velvet Joy is back on the tvN ‘Affordable Tour’ broadcast on the 4th.

Joy, the ‘main customer’ of photographer Park, visits the East Sea side of ‘Affordable Tour’. Joy is the main character who created a nice father and daughter character with her and Park Myung-soo, while enjoying their trip in Spain and Jeju Island episodes, creating the new character, ‘Photographer Park’, for Park Myung-soo.

On the day when Park Myung-soo was the designer himself, Joy is also said to have brought up a reflector and appeared in front of the members to make the scene laugh. “Why are you here?” Park Myung-soo said, “It must have been difficult, but he came from the morning. It’s Joey’s, so please make it more delicious.”

Park Myung-soo challenges the photographer to shoot music videos. Park’s video shooting skills are already well known. In the previous episode of Jeju Island, a lot of viewers were excited about “Joy’s video is not a joke” and “I think he knows the advantages of Joy”. Attention is drawn to whether a more drastic production and a new composition can satisfy Joy and everyone.

On the other hand, Kim Joon-ho gives a laugh by foretelling his performance with ‘Reflective Kim.’ Kim Joon-ho will be holding the reflector that Joey has taken and help the photographer take pictures of Park. The appearance of Park Myung-soo and Eternal Uncle Kim Joon-ho, who shoot the reflector for Joy, are raising expectations.

‘Affordable Tour’ tells the last story of the domestic version in the East Sea today. ‘Affordable Tour’, which resumed broadcasting in June with a special feature in Korea, once again gave viewers a big smile with new stories. The most popular topic was ‘The full of second characters’. Park Myung-soo, who received the love of viewers, has been spotlighted by drawing various characters such as chemi’s entertainment fan, chemi, and photographer Park Kyu-hyun’s steaming fan Hong Hyun-hee.

In addition, it revealed numerous hidden spots in Korea and attracted many responses. Viewers were admired, saying, “Every time I see Affordable Tour, I am healed by proxy.” As expected, members of ‘Affordable Tour’ presented the upgraded design every time, bringing joy to viewers. The East Sea episode that is broadcast today is also going to visit viewers with joy that is more than expected with Joy who has returned.

The final story of the tvN ‘Affordable Tour’ domestic episode is broadcast on the 4th at 7:40 pm.

Photo courtesy| tvN ‘Affordable Tour’

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