Meokbang YouTuber Moon Bok-hee, apologizes for ‘advertisement on her Youtube video’

[Daily Economy Star Today Lee Hae-jeong Intern Reporter]

Moon Bok-hee,  a popular Youtuber with 4.69 million subscribers, apologized for the controversy over the notion of paid advertisements, but the netizens responded.

On the 4th YouTube channel, Moon Bok-hee said, “There is a part that does not act honestly in starting YouTube and displaying advertisements. It has not been considered the seriousness that advertisements can affect the purchase choices of viewers, and it is definitely an advertisement.” I overlooked how important it is, I’m really sorry, I’ll amend the videos to fit the rules.”

Previously, another YouTuber, Champidi criticized some Youtubers, including Dotty, who led the sandbox network, for failing to notice advertisements on their videos. Then, Moon Bok-hee apologized.

Even the popular YouTuber Moon Bok-hee admitted the controversy over paid advertisements, many netizens couldn’t hide their disappointment.

The netizens responded swiftly to the paid advertising controversy, such as “Is it another PPL (paid advertising) controversy?”, “Is it so difficult to advertise conscientiously?”, “Such behavior is disappointing subscribers”.

Earlier, stylists Han Hye-yeon and Davichi Kang Min-kyung were caught up in the PPL controversy, and popular YouTubers continued to pay controversy for paid advertisements, adding to the fatigue of netizens.

Meanwhile, Moon Bok-hee is a Meokbang YouTuber with 4.69 million subscribers.

Photo| YouTube channel’Eat with Boki’,’Aejuga TV’

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