‘Video Star’ B1A4 Gongchan “I’m actually dating” First confession of love

[Reporter Seong Jung-eun of Daily Economy Star Today]

B1A4 Gongchan confesses for the first time in ‘Video Star’.

MBC EveryOne ‘Video Star’ broadcast on the 4th said, ‘I’m afraid of being in love, but I don’t want to live a boring life!’ As a special feature, Ji Hyun-woo, Kim So-eun, Park Gun-il, Gongchan, Kim San-ho, and Son Ji-hyun, who are the main characters in the drama ‘Love is annoying, but I hate being lonely!’

On this day, Gongchan declared that he was “in fact I have a girlfriend” and turned the scene upside down. Everyone was amazed by the shocking confession of Gongchan, who had been revealed that he hasn’t ever had a girlfriend before. Especially, it is the back door that MC Park So-hyun, famous for her idol heart, was shocked. You can check the details through broadcasting.

Gongchan also revealed the current status of his grandparents, who are farming cucumbers in Suncheon. Gongchan, who has been publicly known as “the secret of his healthy skin is Gongchan cucumber,” has been held in the past by presenting cucumbers grown by grandfathers to acquaintances. Accordingly, when MCs expected to “bring cucumber,” Gongchan said, “Gongchan cucumber is out of business.” The old grandparents shut down the farm. However, in the torch of MCs who loved Gongchan cucumbers, Gongchan announced a surprise announcement saying, “I will continue to grow cucumbers next year.”

Meanwhile, Gongchan, who plays the role of a board guard in the drama ‘Love is annoying, but I hate being lonely!’ That Gongchan increased his muscle mass for a great visual. Then, even if I did not eat myself, he found himself to be bothered to eat and even bought envy and boo (?) from MCs.

The first confession story of Gongchan’s passion will be revealed at MBC EveryOne ‘Video Star’ on the 4th.


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