‘Yeom Mae’, Yeom Jung-in… “I’m confident that I can make you healty enough to live until you are 120 years old” (‘Eye Contact’)

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee of Daily Economy Star Today]

Yeom Jung-in, who is called ‘Yeom Mae’, the aerobics’ main seat in ‘Eye Contact’, reveals a mysterious eye contact scene with a burning passion.

On the 5th night at 9:50, Channel A’Icon Tact’ trailer revealed the landscape of aerobic classroom of ‘Yeom Mae’ Yeom Jung-in, who boasts a strong red eye line as a trademark. Instructor Yum Jung-in, who is incredibly sharp at the age of her 60s, said to the students, “What are you doing? Put your finger on it!” and she was busy in the class.

“I am confident,” she said, showing off her passion and showing her passion through her appearance in the past. Even if you don’t want to live, I’ll make you live until 120 years of age.”

In the midst of this, a mysterious woman was looking into Yeom Jung-in’s aerobics classroom. The mysterious woman said, “You can think of it as heaven. For more than 30 years…I’m sucked in.” She revealed that he had a 30-year relationship with Yeom Jung-in. However, in the eyeroom, Yeom Jung-in, who faced the woman, had a nerve war without any concessions.

After the words of “Nothing” and “No,” Yeom Jung-in shouted, “What are you doing for me?” and wondered what the story was about the day’s nerve war.

The tense nerve war between Yeom Jung-in, aerobics’ main account, and a mysterious woman with a 30-year relationship will be unveiled on Wednesday, August 5 at 9:50 pm on Channel A’s new concept of silent entertainment,’Eye Contact’.

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