Zico reveals the status of a dignified training center

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Idagyeom]

Singer Zico (28, real name Woo Ji-ho)’s training center has been released.

On the 4th, Nonsan Training Center released a group photo of recently trained soldiers on its official website.

In the released photo, Zico is staring at the camera with the training center motives. Zico’s figure with a tight flag catches the eye.

On the 30th of last month, Zico entered the Army Training Center located in Nonsan, Chungcheongnam-do. Zico is expected to fulfill its defense duties as a social service agent after four weeks of basic military training at the training center.

Meanwhile, Zico debuted in 2011 with Block B’s single album, ‘Do U Wanna B?’, and hits such as ‘Very Good’, ‘Her’ and ‘Yesterday’ I released a song.

Founded KOZ Entertainment in 2018 and started to stand alone, it was loved as ‘no song’ earlier this year. Also, on the 1st, he released a new song ‘Summer Hate’ with Rain, which is being re-illustrated as ‘Kang’, and dominated the music chart.


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