Conflict explosion with Kim Hye-jun and Kim Jeong-young in ‘Sipsiilban’… Surprised family ‘focus on eyes’

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The conflict between Kim Hye-jun and Kim Jeong-young explodes in ‘Sipsiilban’.

Today’s (5th) MBC drama ‘ Sipsiilban’ (played by Choi Kyung, director Jin Chang-gyu), which is broadcast at 9:30 pm, raises viewers’ expectations by foreseeing that the real reason the artist was died will be revealed.

Among them, the ‘ Sipsiilban’ crew revealed a steel cut that captured the conflict between Bit-na (Kim Hye-jun) and Seol-young (Kim Jeong-young).

In the released photo, you can see Bit-na looking at Seol-young with an angry expression and Seol-young heading to her car without knowing it. The other family members are all surprised by the unexpected behavior of Bit-na.

This scene captures after the painter’s funeral. From the painter’s death to the funeral, many things happened to the family. In the process, the five sleeping pills that led to the death of the painter were also revealed, but it is still wrapped in a veil about who led them to secret mails and led them to feed them.

The person who sent the brilliant letter is thought to be the real culprit and is reasoning. For such Shina, Seol-young was the subject of constant doubt. Previously, with the help of the domestic helper Ms Park(Nam Mi-jung), she tried to catch evidence in Seol-young’s room.

The painter Seol-young dismisses her daughter, Bit-na, who had been having an affair with her husband and secret mistress(Oh Nara). In the 4th ending, the appearance of Seol-young gazing at the shining asleep was added to the tension.

Bitna and Seol-young, who doubted and hated each other like this, but never met directly because there was no clear evidence. As a result, the curiosity grows as to what kind of confidence Bitna has blocked even Seol-young’s car.

In this regard, the production team of “Sipsiilban” said, “The conflict between Bitna and Seol-young, which was tense throughout the play, explodes today (5th). What seemed to be the emotional impact of the two seemingly rational family members? In particular, I’m curious as to the reason why Shina was angry enough to stop Seol-young’s car, so please wait for this broadcast.”

On the other hand, MBC mini-series ‘Sipsiilban’ is aired today (5th) at 9:30 pm.

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