Girlfriend, Astro, Bigton, AB6IX, Aizu One join the ‘2020 Soribada Awards’

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Shin Young-eun]

GFriend, Astro, VICTON, AB6IX and IZ*ONE will be on the ‘2020 Soribada Awards’ hosted by Korea’s representative music platform, Soribada.

The ‘2020 SORIBADA BEST K-MUSIC AWARDS (hereinafter referred to as the ‘2020 Soribada Awards’) will be held on Thursday the 13th.

In this awards ceremony, GFriend who proved their reputation for ‘The queen of Korean girl band’, by releasing the new song ‘Apple’, and will present a stage that combines unique visuals and powerful performance.

In addition, ‘Cool Icon’, Astro, which is trying to complete various concepts by repeating new attempts in every album, and VICTON, a growing group that is active in various fields from music to entertainment, acting, and advertising, is full of passion with this award ceremony. Unfold the filled legend stage.

From vocal and dance, as well as writing, composing, producing, choreography to outstanding musicality, AB6IX, called ‘Complete Artist’ from the beginning of its debut, global group IZ*ONE, which writes meaningful success myths across various fields, also decided to appear It is planned to catch the attention of music fans as a stage with charm.

In addition, Mamamoo, Red Velvet, Oh My Girl, TWICE, NCT Dream, and Kang Daniel have confirmed their appearances in the ‘2020 Soribada Awards’, raising the expectations of fans.

The ‘2020 Soribada Awards’ is expected to enjoy the diversity of music through the stages of top-notch K-pop idols who contribute to the globalization of the Korean Wave, as well as various artists of any genre. In addition, this award ceremony strictly adheres to the government’s quarantine guidelines to prevent the spread of Covid-19. It is expected to strictly enforce the prevention and disinfection of performance halls, the provision of quarantine items, the distance when waiting, the heating check when entering, the self-examination questionnaire, the seating of all seats, and the mandatory wearing of a mask.

The live broadcast of ‘2020 Soribada Awards’, which will be held on Thursday the 13th, will be held in the TikTok app and the LG U+ idol Live app (mobile/IPTV).

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