Lee Hyo-ri answers to Hyo-rin’s ‘Linda’ cover…”Cheer up”

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‘Linda G’ Lee Hyo-ri cheered for junior singer Hyo-rin.

On the 5th, Lee Hyo-ri posted a video capture of Hyo-rin’s ‘LINDA’ cover song along with the words “Cheer up, Hyo-rin”.

Lee Hyo-ri responded to Hyo-rin, who covered her song, ‘Linda’, sung by Lee Hyo-ri’s second character, Linda G. Hyo-rin, who is comforted by the songs of her seniors, and Lee Hyo-ri, who warmly supports such juniors, are warm.

Singer Hyo-rin said on her Instagram on the 4th, “I heard a song called ‘LINDA’ and it was a great comfort to me and I wanted to convey the warm feelings I received to you. I received a lot of comfort. Thank you, Hyo-ri.”

In the video, Hyor-in is sitting in front of the microphone, closing her eyes and immersing herself in the song. LINDA, reborn with Hyo-rin’s unique low-tone voice and moist sensibility, gives a different feeling.

On the other hand, Lee Hyo-ri plays as a female vocalist Linda G, who was formed in the MBC entertainment program, ‘How do you play?’ ‘LINDA’ is a solo song containing the autobiographical story of Linda G. It is characterized by the tone of the bass and candid lyrics that sound the listeners’ hearts.


Photo| Hyo-ri Lee and Hyo-rin SNS

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