‘Men are men’ Cho Woo-ri shows a textbook example of acting a woman who secretly loves a man

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Actress Cho Woo-ri of ‘Men are men’ is showing off acting filled with freshness and ambiguity.

In the KBS2 monthly drama ‘Men are men’ (directed by Choi Yun-seok, Lee Ho-young, and Lee Eun-young, produced by I-Will Media), Cho Woo-ri (as Han Seo-yun) shows a single-hearted love for Seo Ji-hoon (Park Do-gyeom).

In the 10th episode of ‘Men are men’ that was broadcast on the 4th, Han Seo-yun told her mother Kim Sun-hee (Cheon Myung-gil). “I don’t want to marry.” After telling me that there were people I liked, I ran away and added curiosity to the story. In this way, Cho Woo-ri is showing his perfection to Hwang Ji-woo’s mother who is obsessed with Hwang Ji-woo and Han Seo-yun, who radiates fresh energy when she meets Park Do-gyeom. These are Cho Woo-ri’s great performances in “Men are men”.

# Kim Sun-hee’s commitment to acting like a horror movie

Han Seo-yun was hired by Hwang Ji-woo’s secretary’s office as her mother Kim Sun-hee wanted. However, when the two didn’t get closer, Kim Sun-hee revealed a horrible patience by driving her daughter. Every time Kim Sun-hee reveals her true heart, Cho Woo-ri acts like Han Seo-yun’s expression of horror, creating the sadness of viewers.

# Unrequited love acting by only one man

In addition, starting with a fan mind for webtoon writer Park Do-gyeom, he became more immersed in the acting of unrequited love. In particular, the appearance of crying out urgently to Seo Ji-hoon, “The artist will be hurt,” contains the feelings of sympathy for the partner you love and your sincere feelings that you don’t want to be hurt. In addition, Joey’s impatient eyes and reddishly reminded face, which confessed to the knots, added to the sadness.

#’Romantic Chemistry’ that made the home theater thrill

On the other hand, pink chemistry with Seo Ji-hoon is adding fun to the play. He gave a warm two-shot with affectionate gaze even for the chic look of office work. As a result, viewers are enthusiastically cheering for their loveline to be connected whenever a scene of two people comes together.

Boasting ‘Han Seo-yun’ and high synchro rate with such loveliness and ambiguity, Cho Woo-ri is capturing the main theater with the acting force that makes him enter into unrequited love from’He is the Gnome’.

Cho Woo-ri’s broad acting ability to show off Han Seo-yun’s new act of independence can be found in ‘Men are men’, which is broadcast every Monday and Tuesday at 9:30 pm.


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