‘My dangerous wife’ ‘Second teaser video’ released… What about the abduction of your wife?

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee of Daily Economy Star Today]

‘My Dangerous Wife’ released the second teaser video that announces the beginning of a mysterious kidnapping, causing tension.

MBN’s new mini-series ‘My Dangerous Wife’ (played by Hwang Da-eun/Director Hyung-min Lee/produced KeyEast), which will be aired this fall, will be sympathized by many couples living in this era, who have just married and have just maintained their marriage. It is a ‘mystery couple brutality’. Through a couple who starts the’dangerous war’ at the same time as the spooky realization that they have lived with the most dangerous enemy in the family they thought was the safest, they boldly dig into the’familiarity’ of marriage what victory and failure in marriage mean.

In this regard, ‘My Dangerous Wife’ was intertwined between the main characters such as Kim Jeong-eun, Choi Won-young, and Choi Yoo-hwa through the MBN official website (https://www.mbn.co.kr/program/teaser/mywife_teaser.mbn) on the 5th (today). The second teaser video that highlights is released, raising expectations.

The 2nd teaser video begins with the narration of “I promise that love will never change because I know that it cannot be eternal,” with a happy and carefree marriage between Shim Jae-kyung (Kim Jeong-eun) and Kim Yun-cheol (Choi Won-young). However, as soon as the rhythmic tango music ceased, a humming humming sound reverberated and the atmosphere suddenly reversed, and Shim Jae-kyung was strangled by the mysterious masked mystery and immediately shocked him.

While Kim Yoon-cheol is in a hurry to find his wife who disappeared unconsciously, she is surrounded by numerous police and reporters who came to the house, vomiting and dragging the sad cry of “My wife is alive!”. In addition, Jin Sun-mi (Choi Yoo-hwa), with a meaningful saying, “If there is no woman, everything is hers,” shows a cool smile and doubles her curiosity. Finally, with the face of Shim Jae-kyung, who was painfully twisted and bound, “I believe in you” is filled with a creepy ending that sheds bloody cynicism, leaving an intense aftertaste that does not leave the mind.

Following the 1st teaser video that seemed to be watching a thriller movie trailer, the 2nd teaser video of the prologue to announce the beginning of the mysterious kidnapping was released, and the immersion of’My Dangerous Wife’ was at its peak. Here, the perfect wife with intelligence and beauty, Shim Jae-kyung(Kim Jeong-eun), as a dangerous husband who feels boredom and despair in his relationship with the wife, Kim Yoon-cheol(Choi Won-young), the fatal character in a special relationship with Kim Yoon-cheol, Jin Sun-mi(Choi Yoo-hwa), the fatal character of Kim Yun-cheol. The unusual combination is releasing ‘great chemistry’, which I have never seen before, soaring expectations.

The production company KeyEast explained, “Marriage, couples, love, and betrayal will be thrown out, and will give a different perspective on the other side.” “This fall, with a solid story and a fascinating atmosphere, viewers will tune into watching ‘My dangerous wife’ Please look forward to ‘My dangerous wife'” who will capture you.”

Meanwhile, MBN’s new mini-series’My Dangerous Wife’ is a director of Hyung-Min Lee who showed excellent performance in works such as ‘I’m Sorry, I Love You’, ‘Strong Woman Do Bong-soon’, and ‘The Miracle We Met’, and ‘Buam-dong Avengers’. Recognized Hwang Da-eun is drawing attention as the artist’s first spirit. It will be broadcast first this fall.


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