‘Oh! Moon-hee’ Director “I created scenario, thinking about Na Moon-hee”

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Hyun-Jung Han]

Movie ‘Oh! Moon-hee’ direct Jeong Se-gyo revealed his trust in Na-moon-hee.

Director Jeong Se-gyo made an online movie production event to promote ‘Oh! Moon-hee’ “I thought it was fantastic when it was cast, I really like being with these actors.” the director said.

“I thought that ‘I want to cast Na Moon-hee’ while working on the scenario. When she accepted my cast, I shouted ‘Bravo’ and screamed in the room alone. And, I thought Lee Hee-jun is suitable for the role. I said to the production company, ‘I won’t produce this film, if you don’t cast Lee Hee-jun'”.

“The scenario was really fun,” said Na Moon-hee. “It was read in one breath and was fun enough to be read.”

She said “This film is about family, and a comic and thrilling. I was thrilled every day to be able to perform this act well.”

She added, “I wore many of my clothes in the movie. This time, my role is a person who has dementia, so I even came out with my husband’s clothes”.

‘Oh! Moon Hee’ (Director Jeong Se-gyo) is a film that depicts a story of Oh Moon-hee, who is the only witness of the car accident, and Doo-won, her son. They try to catch the criminal. Na Moon-hee and Lee Hee-jun play the roles of Moon-hee and Doo-won, respectively. Released on September 2nd.


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