ONEUS reveals private photos of Keonhee and Xion ‘secret eyes’

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Park Se-yeon]

The group ONEUS has released a personal concept photo of their new album ‘LIVED’.

ONEUS’s official SNS released the fourth mini-album ‘LIVED’, Keonhee and Xion’s personal concept photo, adding to the expectation of a comeback.

In the public picture, Keonhee’s neat charm in a peaceful atmosphere is impressive, and her eyes longing for freedom with naked eyes decorated with butterflies are impressive, and Xion radiates a refreshing charm surrounded by flowers on the field in the sunlight.

In addition, the expression of a tired expression under the red light stimulates the woman’s heart with her precarious and secret eyes, and Xion reveals the expressionless chic charm among the spiky trees that have lost their vitality.

As such, ONEUS is eagerly releasing a photo of a dream version that hopes for a normal human life, and a photo of a nightmare version that has been caught in a blood-curse.

In particular, the delicate emotional acting of ONEUS that goes between dreams and nightmares increases the immersion in the concept and stimulates the curiosity about the new mini album ‘LIVED’.

One’s new mini-album ‘LIVED’ captures the struggle of the six lords who became vampires, ONEUS, trying to pioneer the given fate. Expressing a passion for the life of One Earth who chooses his own destiny, he will meet with fans in a new and upgraded form.

ONEUS announces the new mini album ‘LIVED’ on the 19th.

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