Psy celebrates over 14 million YouTube subscribers… “Should I try something new?”

[Daily Economy Star Today Lee Hae-jeong Intern Reporter]

Singer Psy celebrated the 14 million YouTube subscribers.

Psy posted a picture on his Instagram on the 5th, with the article “Youtube subscribers recorded 14 million. I want to do something other than a music video that appears once every few years.”

The public picture contains the top of the main screen of Psy’s official channel, ‘official psy’, and the number of its subscribers, 14 million.

Psy holds a monumental hit record on YouTube. ‘Gangnam Style’, which made Psy a world star, exceeded 3.7 billion views. Psy’s music videos, including ‘Gentleman’ recording 1.3 billion views and ‘Oppa is just my style’ exceeding 700 million views, were loved by recording all-time hits.

In particular, the music video of ‘I LUV IT’ released in 2017 exceeded 100 million views in April, and Psy’s music video boasting 100 million views became 7 in total.

Psy is attracting attention from all over the world to publish a new video to commemorate the 14 million YouTube subscribers.

Photo| Psy SNS

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