‘Telegna’ Jessi X Kim Soo-ro wins 1st and 2nd PPL missions… overpowers members

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Idagyeom]

Jessi, ‘The Big Sister’ and Kim Soo-ro, the game devil, ranked first and second in PPL missions in ‘Telegna’.

On the 3rd, SBS’ new concept PPL entertainment’ If that was on TV’ (hereinafter ‘Telegna’), members were nervous about the appearance of ‘Entertainer’ Kim Soo-ro and Jessi.

Kim Soo-ro expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “I won’t let Yang Se-hyeong become the first place.” After receiving all the checks, Yang Se-hyeong confirmed the PPL mission ‘Eat one cheese hot dog’ and was relieved and panicked at the location of the hot dog in the big ice.

In the meantime, Jessi succeeded in the hair removal of Yoo Se-yun and Kim Su-ro’s legs, and was the first to succeed in the PPL mission. Later, with the success of Jang Do-yeon and Kim Dong-hyun in succession, Yang Se-hyung and Yoo Se-yun’s final confrontation unfolded and the scene occupied’The Best One Minute’.

Despite the extreme difficulty, the final match became a team battle, and Yang Se-hyung, who was assisted by Kim Dong-hyun from the fighter, succeeded in eating hot dogs in the ice. Yoo Se-yun recorded the last.

Meanwhile, broadcasters Tak Jae-hoon, singer Baek Ji-young, and Crush will appear in ‘Telegna’, which will be broadcast on the 10th, to fight the PPL war, which is nowhere else in the world.


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