The 2nd teaser of’Dodosol Solarsol’, Jae-wook Lee Goara’s sweet romance notice

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‘ Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol’ Go Ara, and Lee Jae-wook are fully equipped with pleasant laughter and warm excitement to find viewers.

On the 5th, KBS2’s new tree drama ‘Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol ‘ (directed by Kim Min-kyung, drama Oh Ji-young, produced by Monster Union) will be aired on the 26th. The 2nd teaser video containing the strange and wonderful encounter of the girl was released to stimulate expectations.

‘Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol’ is a sparkly romantic comedy of energetic pianist Goo Lara and veteran part-time worker Sun Woo-jun. The story of the people gathered at Laraland, a piano school in a small rural village with their own scars and secrets, gives a delightful laugh with sweet excitement. Here is the director Kim Min-kyung who co-directed ‘The Best Divorce’ and ‘Terius Behind Me’, And, the artist’s spirit of co-author Oh Ji-young, who wrote ‘The Shopping King Louis’, etc. makes the fans of the drama flutter by predicting the birth of a delicate yet sensual romantic comedy.

The first teaser video that took off the veil earlier brought up the topic, raising expectations for Go Ara and Lee Jae-wook’s Romantic comedy. Subsequently, in the second teaser video released, Goo Lara and Sun Woo-jun’s unexpected and youthful ‘sweet salty’ romance is raised and the excitement index is raised. The teaser video, which begins with the appearance of two cool people riding a bicycle on a midsummer night, said, “If you are sad, cry. I have to cry, and there is something next.” This leads to Goo Lara’s narration. It was a word to comfort Sun Woo-jun, but it triggers laughter with a crying parade that doesn’t take place anywhere and when it is Goo Lara, who burst into tears, as if he showed his words and actions.

Goo Lara, a ‘Lovely debtor’ who appeared suddenly one day before Sun Woo-jun, who had lived without dreams and hopes. “It is very scary to have no money. It is interesting to see Sun Woo-jun, a chic ‘ho-gu’ who opens her purse unknowingly in response to Goo Lara’s insatiable demands. Sun Woo-jun manages him in close contact with the world’s bright Goo Lara and indifferent face. Goo Lara, “I’m impressed with the subject that I write and write,” and Sun Woo-jun’s sweet and exciting ‘sweet and salty’ romance inspired by the ‘low-world tension’ I see for the first time raises expectations. Here, Goo Lara’s rugged simplicity shouts, “It’s all going to be rewarded”, and it raises curiosity in her ‘laughing’ rebirth as she faces the back of life.

Go Ara and Lee Jae-wook are divided into an infinite positive pianist ‘Goo Lara’ and a free spirit ‘Sun Woo-jun’, who faced the opposite of life. In any situation, the dynamic meeting of Sun Woo-jun, who looks rough and delicate but seems to be cold and warm, makes Goo Lara, who makes others laugh, and completes a delightful youth movement.

Viewers who came into contact with the 2nd teaser video that gave a pleasant laugh, “Laughs from the start” through various portal sites and SNS, “The classic of romantic comedy, excitement even when I see it”, “Go Ara, Lee Jae-wook, visual sum So good. Lovely debtor Serenda” and “from relationship to lean and youthful” responded and expressed expectations.

‘Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol’ will be aired for the first time at 9:30 pm on the 26th.

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