‘What is Study?’ Ahn Hyun-mo “My husband never study by himself… the opposite of me”


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Ahn Hyun-mo said that her husband, Rhymer, has totally different study habit with her.

On the MBC entertainment program broadcast on the 4th, the life of ex-baseball player Hong Sung-heun and Kim Jeong-Im’s daughter Hwa-ri and son Hwa-cheol was revealed. As an expert, an interpreter and broadcaster, Ahn Hyun-Mo and Geum Nana from Harvard University joined the show.

On this day, MC Shin Dong-yeop asked Ahn Hyun-mo, “You are an interpreter. I think you had great grades in your school days. Is there any tip for studying?”

Ahn Hyun-mo revealed her study secret by saying, “When I was a child, I studied using a window or a notebook as a board. I took notes in everyday life. If I do that, I can study even when brushing my teeth.”

Hong Sung-heun’s daughter Hwa-ri studied by herself, while her younger brother Hwa-cheol never showed up and studied. Ahn Hyun-mo said, “Hwa-ri and Hwa-cheol reminds me of me and my husband. When I listened to what my mother-in-law talked about Rhymer’s childhood, he was quiet with me.”

Ahn Hyun-mo said, “In my case, it was a style of studying without anyone having to do it. But Rhymer said that he was a child who would never find himself by studying.”

Then Ahn Hyun-mo added, “My mother-in-law did not nagging Rhymer to study. He was careful to eat well and grow healthy.”

Meanwhile, ‘What is Study?’, which checks and advises the children’s study methods, is broadcast every Tuesday at 9:30 pm.


Photo| MBC broadcast screen capture

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