‘Grand Mint Festival 2020’ 2nd lineup… Sensibility and personality artist feast

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Park Se-yeon]

The 2nd lineup was released by the grand music festival ‘Grand Mint Festival 2020 (GMF2020)’.

The ‘Grand Mint Festival 2020 (GMF2020)’ held at the Seoul Olympic Park on October 24th and 25th revealed the second lineup on the 6th.

In this second lineup, where artists by date were also released, it is the first thing that artists who listen to emotional music made their name on Saturday. Starting with Park Won, who showed the stage of deep concentration every time GMF appeared in the voice of autumn, Hong Yi-sak, a recent mini-album, who is starring in the upcoming music film ‘Days I Met Again’ and expanding his appearance as an artist. Lee Min-hyeok, who is leaping to become the next-generation ballad runners, and singer-songwriter Yoon Tan-tan, and Geu_Nyang, have announced the appearance of GMF2020 on Saturday. Balming Tiger also joined and added freshness to the lineup.

Artists appearing on the Sunday, which were added to the second lineup, are full of uniqueness. DICKPUNKS, who showed his appearance and changed image through the recently released single ‘At That Time’, Singer Song Writer Jung Se-woon, who is widely loved through various broadcast activities following his first regular album, Seol and Choi Ye-geun, who swept through various rookie programs alongside Super Rookie, and Mind U, which delicately expresses the moment of love.

The appearance dates of the first lineup artists that were previously released were also released. BOL4, Solutions, Younha, Zairo, Jung Eun-ji, and Cold confirmed their appearance on Saturday, and 10CM, Daybreak, Soran, Stellar, Nflying, Jeokjae, and HYNN were allotted on Sunday and balanced both days.

On July 17, GMF2020, which unveiled the long-awaited first lineup and launched a signal to hold the festival, has a wider configuration through this second lineup. In particular, the 2nd lineup was added to the significance of adding a lot of artists selected by MUSEON 2020, the music business of the Korea Creative Content Agency, while also increasing the reflectance of the cast and pre-artist recommendation events of Beautiful Mint Life canceled in the first half.

The Grand Mint Festival 2020, which is ready to give the audience the best fall day, preparing for the announcement of Covid-19 prevention measures ahead of the lineup release, and ‘The Moment of You’, which illuminates my first festival, will announce the 3rd lineup on the 3rd of September 3rd.


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