Lee Won-jong signs exclusive contract with Broomstick… “A generous support” (Official)

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Kim So-yeon]

Actor Lee Won-jong signed an exclusive contract with Broomstick.

On the 6th, Broomstick signed an exclusive contract with Lee Won-jong, an actor who has continued to perform a wide range of activities with filming movies and dramas. Lee Won-jong, an actor who expresses the character in his role in more detail, is a masterpiece that is deeply impressed by the public.

“We think that Lee Won-jong is an actor who is always looking forward to his activities because he has a friendly and hairy image and has the charm to digest various characters.” “We will give generous support to become an actor.”

Lee Won-jong debuted in the 1991 drama ‘The School of Love’, ‘The Dragon’s Tears’, ‘The King and the Rain’, ‘The Night of the Age’, ‘Haesin’, ‘The Land’, ‘Love and Ambition’, ‘War of Money’, ‘Iljimae’, ‘Foodie’, ‘Mystery Detective’, ‘Ja Myeonggo’, ‘Kim Soo-ro’, ‘Musa Baek Dong-soo’, ‘Vampire Prosecutor’, ‘Equator’s Man’, ‘Doctor Jin’, ‘Warren: Chosun Runaway’, ‘Swords and Flowers’, ‘Chief Empress’, ‘The Secret Door’, ‘The Girl Who Sees Smell’, ‘The Mask Examination’, ‘The Strongest Delivery Man’, ‘Miss Hammurabi’, ‘Bingui’, and ‘Special Labor Supervisor’s Accessories ‘, ‘Great Show’ appeared in various dramas, and has established himself as a talented actor.

In addition, Lee Won-jong, who expanded the acting area on the screen from 1994, has a 1998 movie ‘2 Cops 3′,’There is nothing to watch for recognition’ ,’Attack on the gas station’, ‘The King of the Blight’, ‘The Night of the Silla’, ‘Let’s Play Dalma’, ‘Funny movie’, ‘Turn on the lighter’, ‘Born a man’, ‘Baby boy’, ‘Men who went to Mars’, ‘Gangster wife 2’, ‘Oh! Brothers’, ‘Hwangsanbeol’, ‘Lan’s love song’, ‘Big House.com’, ‘Dalma, Let’s Go to Seoul’, ‘Female Teacher VS Female Disciples’, ‘Savior’, ‘Multi-Cell Girl’, ‘Beautiful Woman is Suffering’, etc. Is doing a great job.

Actor Lee Won-jong is currently working on the 10th, being cast in Channel A Geumto drama ‘Lies of Lies’ (played by Kim Ji-eun, directed by Kim Jung-kwon) and another scheduled broadcast in the second half of this year.

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