‘Smoke’ Enoch, Kang Eun-il, Kim So-hyang, casting lineup revealed… Opening on September 22

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Shin Young-eun]

Well-made creative musical ‘Smoke’ based on the work of ‘Lee Sang’, a genius poet ahead of the times, announced a return to the stage in September for a more complete stage.

The musical ‘Smoke’ was produced with the motif from ‘Ohgamdo No. 15’ in a series above the modernist of modern literature and showed a tryout performance in 2016, and at the time of the premiere in 2017, the audience share was 86%. In the following year, 2018, the stage was further refined, including more refined stories, videos, stages, lighting, and arrangements close to all songs. It proved to be a hot topic.

On the surface, the man who wants to give up everything with the pain of writing poetry and the pain of reality, ‘Cho’, a pure boy who dreams of painting the sea, ‘Hae’, a woman kidnapped by these two ‘Hong(紅)’, the story of the three characters, but on the other side, beyond the age of genius, the artist’s anxiety and despair that had to live in a colonial homeland, and the desire and hope to overcome all of them. Through the three protagonists symbolically expressed the gloomy era of colonial society with life, art, and anguish that were not ideal for the world.

The musical ‘Smoke’, which combines the best combination of performances with the best combination of estimating and directing, and the composition and music director Heo Soo-hyun, showed a high degree of perfection over the course of the season. Artistic expression of timeless modernism with iconic and sensuous directing and stage effects, such as the indicated lighting, the video of the writing of the ideal work, and the mirror expressed by the laser beam that excites the admiration, has attracted great praise from the audience as well as the media and critics. In addition, the musical ‘Smoke’ is expected to establish ‘Sold Out Myths’ once again in 2020 with the actors who add the depth of music and works artistically expressing the anguish of ideals with richer musical harmony. Particularly, in this performance, along with the actors who performed the premiere and reenactment and showed the perfect ensemble, they will complete the previous casting lineup by joining new faces to make the audience’s heart beat by the name alone.

Enoch, Kim Jong-gu, Kim Kyung-soo, and Jang Ji-hu will play the role of ‘Cho’, the man who writes poetry. As a role that constantly suffers and consumes extreme emotions in a reality that wants to die, but cannot die, actors based on strong acting skills have been considered to be characters that leave a strong impression on the audience.

Subsequently, Baek Ki-beom, Choi Min-woo, Kim Tae-oh, and Kang Eun-il act as the boy who paints. ‘Hae’ has been loved by attracting the audience every season with its innocent and pure role that only keeps its breath alive in a heavy and tense drama. He craves reality escape with Cho, but faces a moment of determination by conflicting between Cho and Hong.

Lastly, Kim So-hyang, Choi Yeon-woo, and Lee Jung-hwa are together as ‘Hong’, a strong figure who endures the painful fate of Cho and Sun together. Hong is a role that acknowledges and endures the pain of life as it is and shows a strong will to live.

The musical ‘Smoke’, which captures both work and performance, and provides a new leap forward for Korean creative musicals, will return to the third season of 2020 to prove Korea’s best creative musical. Like the title ‘Smoke’, which means the trace of life beyond the genius poet who has enjoyed the times, ‘Smoke’ is a representative work that shows the most unique ideas and expressions in Korean modern literature, such as ‘Ohgamdo’, ‘Wings’, and ‘Mirror’ At the same time as drawing on the stage, it is noted that it will capture the eyes of the audience by visually releasing the emotions and secret and mysterious atmosphere of each character of ‘Cho’, Hae, and Hong. Enoch, Kim Jong-gu, Kim Kyung-soo and Jang Ji-hu were cast in the ‘Cho’ role, Baek Ki-beom, Choi Min-woo, Kim Tae-oh, Kang Eun-il in the ‘Hae’ role, and Kim So-hyang, Choi Yeon-woo and Lee Jung-hwa in the ‘Hong’ role, respectively. The musical ‘Smoke’ will be held for the first long-awaited ticket opening in the last week of August, and will be performed at the Yes24 Stage 1 from September 22 next month.


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