Ui Seong-shin of “The story of an old couple” said, “I’m looking for an alternative to a difficult performance in Covid-19”

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Yang So-young]

The director of ‘The story of an old couple: a stage movie,’ said that he is looking for an alternative in Covid-19 (a new type of corona virus infection).

On the afternoon of the 6th, a premiere and a press conference was held at the Yongsan CGV in Seoul, where the performance film ‘The story of an old couple: a Stage Movie’ was held. Actor Kim Myung-gon, Cha Yu-kyung, video director Shin Tae-yeon, performance director Ui Seong-shin, and Yoo In-taek, president of the Seoul Arts Center.

“Due to the Covid-19, the entire performance world is too difficult, and the performance world facing us in the field is difficult, so we are thinking of an alternative. In the artistry of the performance itself, the documentary culture and the performance culture must be spread a little more.” said Ui Seong-shin.

“I am going to find a way to introduce and communicate Korean performing arts. It would be nice to share through video media. What you see on the screen and the performance is different from the real world, and the speed is different. It is difficult to have a sense of speed that the video media has. Video has the advantage of recording and sharing performances. The speed of the performance and the video is different. When the performance meets the video, I think the sense of speed is homework.” he added.

‘The story of an old couple: a Stage Movie’ is a work that has been loved as a classic since its premiere in 2003 through the Seoul Arts Center’s imaging business, ‘SAC on Screen’, in a movie version. The romance of the old couple at dusk, released on the 19th.


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