Woo Hye-rim, “Preparing for Miss A debut for 3 years…I had hard time after joining Wonder Girls”

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Kim So-yeon]

Girl group Wonder Girls member Woo Hye-rim announced that she has prepared her debut as a member of Miss A.

Woo Hye-rim appeared as a guest on the YouTube SBS Moby Dick channel ‘Hondry’ on the 5th.

On this day, Woo Hye-rim released an episode related to her debut. Woo Hye-rim said, “I’ve been preparing for Miss A members for about 3 years.”

Then, “It was hard to laugh on the stage, but I was sorry for the audience watching me,” she said.

Meanwhile, Woo Hye-rim married Taekwondo player Shin Min-cheol on the 5th after 7 years of love.


Photo| YouTube capture
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