‘Begin Again Korea’ Henry unveils ‘Double Piano’ performance for the first time…the last busking

[Intern reporter Lee Hae-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer Henry unveils the performance of ‘Double Piano’ in ‘Begin Again Korea’.

‘Begin Again Korea’, which has been presenting music from Seoul, Daegu, Gangwon, Busan, Andong, Jeonju, and so on to give comfort to the Republic of Korea, which is having a hard time in the aftermath of Corona 19, marks the end of the three-month journey.

In the last episode of JTBC’s ‘Begin Again Korea’, which airs on the 9th, ‘Drive in Busking’, which was a hot topic during the first broadcast, is reproduced once again.

Henry opened the door to Busking with an all-time spectacular performance throughout the entire season of ‘Begin Again’. Allen Walker’s ‘Faded’, a global hit song with 2.8 billion views in music videos, was simultaneously played by two grands. Reinterpreted in Henry’s own style of playing on the piano.

Not only that, but the addition of the solo performance of the electric guitar that he believes and listens to, it received a hot response than ever. In particular, Soo-hyun, who watched Henry and Jeok-jae’s busking in the car like an audience, cheered and said, “It’s really cool! “I love you, oppa!”

Meanwhile, Henry, Crush, and Jeong Seung-hwan sang ‘All For You’ in the first episode and competed for a duet position with Soo-hyun. This time, it is said that he sang the OST ‘Perhaps Love’ of the drama ‘Gung’ with Soo-hyun and fought more fierce duet fights, which caused laughter.

The last busking of JTBC ‘Begin Again Korea’ will be aired at 11 pm on the 9th.


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