‘DO DO SOL SOL LA LA SOL’ Kim Joo-heon “Go Ara, an actor with good energy”

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Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol’ Kim Joo-heon transforms into an endlessly affectionate ‘Romantic Doctor’.

KBS2’s new Wednesday and Thursday drama ‘Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol’ (director Kim Minkyung, play Oh Ji-young, production Monster Union), first broadcast on the 26th, said on the 7th, the always lively Goo Lara(Go Ara) and the ‘Daddy Long Leg’ who looks at him with honey dripping eyes. Cha Eun-seok (played by Kim Joo-heon) is revealed to stimulate interest.

‘Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol’ draws a sparkling romantic comedy between energetic pianist Goo Lara and Sun Woo-jun (played by Lee Jae-wook). The stories of those who gather at Lala Land, a small rural piano school with their own wounds and secrets, give sweet excitement and joyful laughter. Director Kim Min-kyung, co-director of the drama ‘Best Divorce’, and ‘Terius Behind Me’ and ‘Shopping king Loui’ Artist Oh Ji-young, who has secured her fan base, heralds the birth of a delicate yet sensual romantic comedy.

Go Ara, who has transformed into Goo Lara, an accident trigger of the ‘full of energy’ that cannot be hated, and Lee Jae-wook, who will decompose into a warm but warm man Sun Woo-jun. Kim Joo-heon joins the new and pleasant romance of the two who are starting to rehabilitate and adds a spoonful of warm excitement. Meanwhile, the warm atmosphere of Goo Lara and Cha Eun-seok in the released photos stimulates the excitement. Goo Lara, who gazes at Cha Eun-seok, shining her curious eyes, is always adorable. Cha Eun-seok’s eyes look at Goo Lara as if it were interesting, causing excitement. Cha Eun-seok, who listens to his never-ending story, and gives a warm look while walking through the streets without taking his eyes off. The bright Goo Lara and his affectionate appearance even with every little action catches the eye.

‘Goo Lara’, played by Go Ara, is a simple, but not endless, absurd, absurd character. Kim Joo-heon took charge of ‘Cha Eun-seok’ of an orthopedic surgeon who lost his laughter and motivation due to Burnout Syndrome. Cha Eun-seok is a ‘daddy long leg’ who silently guards Goo Lara. Exhausted from daily life, he lives without expression, and one day he finds himself disarmed in front of Goo Lara, an energetic ‘patient’ who visits him. Kim Joo-heon completely permeates Cha Eun-seok, who is fully equipped with the warm and reassuring ‘adult man’ charm, causing another excitement from Lee Jae-wook.

Kim Joo-heon, who has built his own color by revealing his unrivaled presence in various works, predicts a different acting transformation through Cha Eun-seok. Kim Joo-heon said, “Cha Eun-seok has a distinctive point from the characters he previously played. It was fascinating that he was an outrageous, grown-up, sometimes trapped inside himself, and that he was a destitute person,” he explained. “After meeting various characters, he eventually found himself and became interested in the people around him. I wonder if it’s like,” he said. He said, “(Cha Eun-seok) seems to be a person who has made numerous decisions that have nothing to do with his will. While thinking about his gait, behavior, and speech, he is putting a lot of effort into understanding and expressing the character of Cha Eun-seok.” He revealed that he added anticipation to the Cha Eun-suk character to be completed.

In addition, Kim Joo-heon said, “I was so grateful that I was glad to see you at the first filming and came to you first. Learning orphans have good positive energy. “I am happy to take pictures because I know how to be considerate of the other person.” Curiosity arises about Kim Joo-heon’s performance to raise the romance tension by forming a strange triangle composition with Lee Jae-wook’s opposite charm.

‘ Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol’ will be broadcast for the first time on KBS2 at 9:30 pm on the 26th.


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