Lee Soo-geun’s restaurant opened in ‘Lee Restaurant Alone’

[Intern reporter Lee Hae-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

tvN ‘Lee Restaurant Alone’ is finally opening its first restaurant today.

In the first episode of ‘Lee Restaurant Alone (directors Na Young-seok and Yang Jeong-woo),” unveiled on the 31st of last month, Lee Soo-geun’s preparation for the opening of a mountain restaurant was drawn.

He played an active part as ’31 Soo-geun’ by performing 31 roles by himself, from identifying the movement, preparing the business, preparing rice, preparing ingredients, lighting a fire, preparing seasoning, and tidying up. The cumulative number of views of one video clip exceeded 5.8 million views within a week of uploading, and has been receiving hot attention from the start (‘Alone transplanted’ episodes 1-1, 1-2 summed/channel 15 nights YouTube)

In episode 2, which airs on the 7th, the mountain restaurant opens in earnest, and Lee Soo-geun’s first guest reception is revealed.

Lee Soo-geun starts preparing for the business early in the morning to quickly prepare a set meal in the mountains. The day before, he tries again to season the unsuccessful chwi-namul, and performing various roles, being busy early in the morning, including bean sprouts, sausage pancakes, potato digging, potato rice and corn rice.

Meanwhile, an unexpected situation arises in the mountain restaurant, which has started operating in earnest, embarrassing Lee Soo-geun. While the basic setting of the table was completed, the guests did not appear. It stimulates the curiosity whether Lee Soo-geun will be able to safely serve the delicious and hearty mountain set meal prepared by ‘Alone’ to the customers.

TVN ‘Lee Restaurant Alone’, the second project of fulfilling the moon country pledge, is an entertainment program in which Lee Soo-geun runs a restaurant alone in the green Gangwon-do during the summer. After watching the broadcast in a 10-minute program, you can watch the full version through YouTube ‘Channel 15 Nights’. Broadcast every Friday at 10:50 pm.


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