‘We Play 2’Jeong Hyuk vs JR, a passion race reminiscent of a rabbit and a turtle

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Kim So-yeon]

In ‘We Play 2’, Jeong Hyuk and JR run a race reminiscent of ‘Rabbit and Turtle’.

In the NQQ entertainment program ‘We Play Season 2’, which airs at 7:45 pm on the 9th, an exciting hardcore (?) ironclad biathlon will be held.

On this day, the members of the Ocean Boys wear shark clothes to verify their physical strength through competitions such as obstacle races and hammer throwing. The cute appearances of the six sharks sprinting with their short arms sprinting and struggling with high obstacles are expected to make a’mother’s smile’.

During the obstacle race game on this day, Lee Soo-geun and JR, who were chasing Jeong Hyuk of the ‘Passion Shark’, said they couldn’t conceal their collapse due to an unexpected’fishing’.

In particular, in the hammer throw quest, the situations that make the special casters Jizo and Shin Ah-young stand automatically unfold in an endless manner. Shin Ah-young, who watched the game, is going to stimulate viewers’ curiosity by throwing a meaningful comment, “How you use it is more important than how much power you have.”

It is said that the appearance of ‘passion man’ Jeong Hyuk, who made mistakes while shouting straight ahead, and ‘Glaze Swirl’ JR, who diligently raced at their own pace, were reminiscent of’rabbits and turtles’. The winner who will laugh at the finish line raises questions about who will be.

‘We Play Season 2’, which requires agility and physical strength, will be held at NQQ, SBS F!L at 7:45 pm on the 8th, SKY, and SBS MTV at 7 pm on the 9th. It airs at 45 hours.


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