‘Yacht Expedition’ Jang Ki-ha x Song Ho-jun, extreme challenge…’Real survival Pacific voyage’

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‘Yacht Expedition’ musician Jang Ki-Ha and artist Song Ho-jun enter the Pacific Ocean.

MBC Every1’s ‘Yacht Expedition’, first broadcast on the 17th, is a documentary entertainment program about the process of four men who had dreamed of adventure trying to sail in the Pacific on a yacht. Captain Kim Seung-jin, who succeeded in sailing around the world alone with the first armament of the Republic of Korea, and four men Jin-gu, Choi Si-won, Jang Ki-ha and Song Ho-jun set out on a real voyage to the Pacific Ocean.

Previously, the ‘Yacht Expedition’ side released the character trailers of Jin-gu and Choi Si-won in turn, attracting attention. Their determination and feelings that this voyage to the Pacific “will be the best experience as a man as a man” and “It seems to be more than a scary thing” predicts a raw survival period that has never been seen in any entertainment.

In the midst of this, the character trailers of Jang Ki-ha and Song Ho-jun, other members of the ‘Yacht Expedition’ were released. Their dreamlike and extreme challenges thrown into the harsh Pacific Ocean made them look forward to an adventure beyond imagination.

First, they were fighting for survival in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, not on a spectacular stage. “When I woke up, the waves were shaking my boat like crazy”, “Even in this situation, I slept. Jang Jang-ha’s narration, saying, “I had a dream,” made me guess the sequence of situations that shook our daily lives. In the midst of that, Jang Ki-ha, who continues his challenge, and the appearance of the sea with a red sunset heralded an adventure that will leave a deep lingering linger.

Song Ho-jun, known as the world’s first personal satellite launcher, challenged the Pacific voyage through this’Yacht Expedition’. Song Ho-jun expressed his swelling resolution in anticipation of “will the answer to the essential human question be obtained?” But the challenge was never easy. I had to hit the hard waves and endure the swaying yacht. Among them, the answer to our existence, which Song Ho-jun found with the members, raised questions about the end of the voyage.

Jin-gu, Choi Si-won, and Jang Ki-ha and Song Ho-jun, four men with different personalities set out on a voyage to the Pacific with keywords of ‘challenge’, ‘adventure’ and ‘survival’.

What kind of stories the four men would have unfolded in the unpredictable nature of the Pacific Ocean, the first broadcast at 8:30 pm on the 17th is focused on MBC Every1’s Yacht Expedition.


Photo courtesy| MBC Every1’Yacht Expedition’

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