[Exclusive] Voice actor Song Baek-kyung, rejected a suggestion for radio DJ

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Song Baek-kyung, a former member of 1TYM, had no radio DJ debut.

As a result of the Daily Economy Star Today report on the 10th, Song Baek-kyung decided not to take charge of the non-stop music program for KBS Happy FM Radio.

A broadcaster told Star Today, “It is true that KBS exclusive voice actors were nominated as one of the host candidates following the reorganization of KBS Happy FM Radio. Song Baek-gyeong was also one of the candidates, but it was not confirmed.”

“Recently, Song Baek-kyung, who has been burdened with public opinion, said that he would like to focus on the original job of the voice actor. The radio production crew will also reflect this and decide the host among other candidates except Song Baek-kyung.”

Earlier, it was reported that the voice actor Song Baek-kyung was in charge of a program of Happy FM in line with the reorganization of KBS Radio. However, on the 7th, on the bulletin board of the Viewers Rights Center petition, “Song Baek-kyung, who’ve been on controversy for his remark about Sewol ferry disaster and drunk driving, will be cancelled to be on the Radio show. He and some officials will be punished” was posted, and criticism against him was grown

Meanwhile, Song Baek-kyung, who debuted as a group 1TYM in 1998, announced the passing of the 44th KBS exclusive voice actor through SNS in March last year. He started his voice actor activities from April 1 of last year, and will be active as an exclusive voice actor of KBS until March 31, 2021.


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