‘Help Me Homes’ Deok Team wins home in the end of automation system… Ranked 1st in 2049 viewership rate for 28 consecutive weeks

[Reporter Kim So-yeon, Daily Economy Star Today]

In ‘Help Me Homes’, a single-story house won the client’s family’s choice.

MBC entertainment program broadcasted on the 9th ‘Help Me Homes’ (directors Lim Gyeong-sik, Lee Min-hee) recorded a rating of 3.6% for the first part and 4.4% for the second part, which is the main target of 2049, and continued to be the first in the same time zone for 28 consecutive weeks.

Based on the metropolitan area, the household viewership rating was 6.7% for the first part and 8.0% for the second part, and the second part was also ranked first at the same time. The highest ratings per minute soared to 8.7% based on households.

On this day, a family who has lived in an apartment for 15 years appeared as a client. After the independence of their children, parents, who decided to spend their old age growing plants in a quiet place, wanted a detached house of a size that was relatively easy to manage. The desired areas were Jeonju, Wanju, and Gimje, and the client family wanted a place within 40 minutes by car from Gosa-dong, Jeonju, where their parents’ workplace is located. In addition, they hoped that there would be a garden or a terrace where flowers could be planted for his mother, and the budget could be up to 400 million won.

In the fortune team, actors Lee Hye-eun and Park Na-rae went to search for a property. The first sale of the Bok Team was ‘Half Moon Sky House’ in Woljeon-ri, Geumgu-myeon, Gimje-si. The property stands out from the expansive lawn, and is equipped with a spacious terrace and a mini swimming pool. The interior, which was partially remodeled two years ago, added a sense of openness with a high floor height, and was designed similar to the structure of an apartment.

The second sale of the Bok Team was ‘walking into a hanok’ in Gosan-dong, Wansan-gu, Jeonju. It is a sensibility-filled hanok house located on Gaekridan-gil, a hot place in Jeonju, and it took only 10 minutes to reach the client’s father’s workplace. Although it was completed in 1973, the entire remodeling was completed three years ago, so they could feel the beauty and convenience of an antique hanok at the same time.

Lastly, we introduce the ‘Oegatjip Water Park’ in Singyo-ri, Soyang-myeon, Wanju-gun. Located next to Eungamje Reservoir, famous for fishing, there was a swimming pool in the side of a large yard. The interior of the property is made of large windows on all three sides, so you can heal while viewing nature. In addition, the home room was decorated with a hanok feel, and it was comparable to the parents’ room.

In the Deok team, space designer Lim Seong-bin and his wife, actress Shin Da-eun, appeared. Deok team’s first sale was ‘Q Block Wall House’ in Geumsang-dong, Deokjin-gu, Jeonju. The property with a clean and modern appearance was surrounded by a Q-Block fence, giving a sense of openness, and the spacious courtyard and garden were perfect as a space for mothers. A firewood stove was installed in the indoor space with the warm sensibility of a wooden building.

Deok Team’s second sale was a’one-story house’ located in Hari, Samrye-eup, Wanju-gun. As a single-story, unfailing mythical single-story house of ‘Homes’, there was a main building and an annex, and inside the main building there was a courtyard, a healing space for families. In addition, there are automation systems throughout the house, so curtains can be adjusted with a remote control, basic, awning and kitchen windows. The annex was a one-room type with a kitchen and could be used in various ways.

The Bok team selected ‘Bandal Sky House’ for the client, and the Deok team chose ‘Don’t touch the hand~ single-story house’. The client’s family said that they chose Deok Team’s ‘one-story house’, and that they liked the automation system and high-utilization annex. The client’s family selected Deok Team’s property, and Deok Team recorded 26 wins and succeeded in reversing.

MBC ‘Help Me Homes’ broadcasts every Sunday at 10:45 pm.


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