‘Psycho but it’s okay’ Park Gyu-young, “Growing up and making good memories”

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Actress Park Gyu-young shared her feelings about the end of the tvN Saturday drama ‘Psycho, but It’s okay’ (screenplay Jo Yong, director Park Shin-woo).

Park Gyu-young said, “Thank you to the viewers who have sent a lot of love to the drama ‘Psycho, but it’s okay’ and ‘Nam Ju-ri’ through the management company’s Person Entertainment. I made good memories. It was a precious time to learn and grow a lot’.”

She continued, “I hope you have healed a little while watching the drama. As I acted with deep affection, it is too regretful to end my acting as Nam Ju-ri. It was really fun to be able to play Nam Ju-ri, which is full of anti-war charm.” She expressed his love for the work and characters. In addition, he said, “Like Nam Ju-ri grew up in the play, I will try to come back sooner or later in a more developed form, so please give me a lot of interest and love.”

Park Gyu-young received attention for his anti-war acting ability, which goes back and forth between innocence and comics by playing the role of Mental Health Nurse Ju-ri Nam in ‘Psycho, But It’s okay.’ Although she was a professional as a nurse, the appearance of Nam Ju-ri, who was infinitely clumsy and innocent in love, drew sympathy from many people.

Park Gyu-young not only shows fresh and pure unrequited love, but also captures the process of growing love and friendship more and more mature with repeated episodes, and received great reviews from viewers. In particular, Nam Ju-ri’s drinking spirit, which changes 180 degrees by drinking only, was expressed in a realistic way with Park Gyu-young’s own loveliness, renewing life characters and leaving a strong impression.

Actress Park Gyu-young, who showed infinite possibilities with her delicate acting ability that evokes real sympathy, is paying attention to what character she will capture viewers’ attention with in his next work.


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