‘The Good Detective’ Son Hyun-ju x Jang Seung-jo, three expectations for the realization of exhilarating justice

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In the remaining six episodes of ‘The Good Detective’, Son Hyun-ju and Jang Seung-jo foretold the realization of pleasant justice.

Gang Do-chang (Son Hyun-ju) and Oh Ji-hyuk (Jang Seung-jo) found some allegations of Oh Jong-tae (Oh Jeong-se) in the 10th episode of JTBC’s Monday-Tuesday drama ‘The Good Detective’ (played by Choi Jin-won, director Cho Nam-guk, production Blossom Story, JTBC Studio). They paid attention to the case of Park Geon-ho (Lee Hyun-wook), which ended in suicide, and found the blood trace of Oh Jong-tae’s subordinate Cho Sung-dae (Cho Jae-ryong), which had not been found before. In addition, it proves that Nam Kook-hyun (Yang Hyun-min) fabricated the evidence on the scene, and the case has entered a new phase. We pointed out the expectations for the realization of justice by Kang Do-chang and Oh Ji-hyuk, who started a full-fledged counterattack.

#One. The death of Lee Dae-cheol (Cho Jae-yoon) and the remaining Lee Eun-hye (Lee Ha-eun)

Lee Dae-cheol (Cho Jae-yoon)’s execution was hurt to everyone. Robber Chang, who had handcuffed Lee Dae-cheol’s wrist, was unable to stop him even though he learned that he was innocent after five years. Even Oh Ji-hyuk, who did not reveal his emotions well, could not hide his complicated feelings. Above all, he was convinced that real criminal was his cousin Oh Jong-tae, but failed to prove it. This was why Oh Ji-hyuk could not give up the case. The one who raised the collapsed robbers spear was Lee Eun-hye (Lee Ha-eun), who remained alone. The feeling of gratitude, “Mister, I’m really grateful to Dad and me” comforted Gang Chang, and I realized that catching the “Real criminal” who is still living comfortably is “my job”. The solidarity of the remaining people was the point that sparked the hope of realizing justice.

#2. Strong 2 team punks

Kwon Jae-hong (Cha Rae-hyung), Byeon Ji-woong (Kim Ji-hoon), Ji Man-gu (Jeong Soon-won), and Shim Dong-wook (Kim Myung-jun), who are called “the strongest team 2 of the Western Police Station,” are more powerful than anyone else. The warm loyalty of the team members who turned on a cake to congratulate him because it was 6428 days after he had worked as a detective after visiting Kang Do-chang, who was in disappointment, made the viewers smile as well as Kang Do-chang. Moreover, in situations where Kang Do-chang and Oh Ji-hyuk couldn’t move, they always found a clue to the case instead. It was also these people who discovered blood traces Nam Kook-hyun could not erase at the scene of the Park Gun-ho incident. Most of all, at the end of the 10th inning, the 2nd strong team joined forces to catch the tail of Oh Jong-tae. Expectations are added to their big success.

#3. Powerful people

The reason why Jin Seo-gyeong (Lee Elijah) was unable to disclose at the retrial trial was due to fear even though he held a recording file containing the corruption of the police and the prosecution. The opponents of the retrial trial were neither Prosecutor Sang-il (Lee Do-guk), Detective Nam Guk-hyun, nor Oh Jong-tae. The police and the prosecution systematically concealed the case, and Oh Jong-tae, Yoo Jeong-seok (Ji Seung-hyun), and Kim Ki-tae (Son Byung-ho) joined forces according to their mutual interests. Compared to their power, the power of detectives from Kang Do-chang and Oh Ji-hyuk, as well as the powerful team 2, may be insufficient. However, the viewer’s hope index is higher. It is because of the expectation that the realization of justice among those who will break down the walls built by powerful people and bring the truth hidden in them out of the world will be more exciting.

‘The Good Detective’ will be broadcast on Monday the 10th at 9:30 pm.


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