‘Video Star’ Lee Se-young “My Japanese boyfriend pretends he can’t understand Korean when having an argument”

[Reporter Jeong-eun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today]

Comedian Lee Se-young is releasing a dating story with her boyfriend in ‘Video Star’.

MBC Every1’s ‘Video Star’, which airs on the 11th, will show the episode named ‘I’m So Hot’, featuring broadcasters Paeng Hyun-sook, Choi Song-hyun, Park Eun-young, Lee Se-young, and Hye-rim.

Comedian Lee Se-young, who has been active in famous comedy programs such as SNL Korea and Comedy Big League, is attracting attention after appearing on talk shows after 5 years. MCs complimented her beauty that became unknowingly beautiful, and expressed their gratitude with various reactions, such as saying, “Oh, you never mimic Ryu Seung-beom again?”

Lee Se-young said that she chose dating as the number one contributor to her beautiful beauty. Lee Se-young said, “I am developing a beautiful love with my ethnic Korean boyfriend in Japan for more than two years.” In the days when communication was not smooth due to poor language, he plans to release an anecdote when he used a translator whenever he was dating. In particular, he complained and laughed, saying, “When I have arguments with my boyfriend, he seems to pretend he can’t understand Korean.”

Recently, Lee Se-young, who is running a YouTube channel with her boyfriend, confessed that “the income has increased nearly three times compared to the previous broadcasting activities,” and surprised everyone. Then, expectations are rising by revealing their own special YouTube operation secrets without addition or subtraction.

The colorful charm of Lee Se-young, who appeared on the talk show after 5 years, can be found at MBC Every1 ‘Video Star’ at 8:30 pm on Tuesday.


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