Bae Jeong-nam, Ahn Jung-hwan and suit pictorial released… “Haengnim is back”

[Intern reporter Lee Hae-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

Model and actor Bae Jeong-nam has released a pictorial with former soccer player Ahn Jung-hwan.

Bae Jeong-nam posted a post on his Instagram on the 11th, saying, “A photo shoot with Jung-hwan. He is back yeah~ Ahta He is cool~ The best way to be more attractive is losing weights, yes.”

In the released black and white photos, the two wore suits and showed profound charm. Ahn Jung-hwan, who sat in the chair, wore glasses to give off an intelligent feeling, and Bae Jeong-nam stood next to him and boasted a perfect proportion.

In the other picture, the two look comfortable as usual. Bae Jeong-nam is holding Ahn Jung-hwan’s cheek and smiling, and Ahn Jung-hwan embraced such a younger brother to reveal his closeness. You can feel the strong brotherhood from the two cute guys playing around.

The netizens who encountered the photo admired, “Both of you are cool”, “Losing weights is the best way to be more beautiful”, “I don’t need words”, and “Terius is back.”

At JTBC’s ‘The Great Bae Tae-rang’, which aired on the 10th, Bae Jeong-nam and Ahn Jung-hwan performed a ‘life pictorial’ to commemorate his weight loss. The pictorial result, which is more complete than many thought, evokes admiration.

Photo| Bae Jeong-nam SNS

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