‘Dawn’s girlfriend’ HyunA, certified 47.3kg in weight…’Healthy beauty’ released after increasing weight

[Intern reporter Lee Hae-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer HyunA revealed her weight.

On the 11th, HyunA posted a picture of her body weight on her Instagram. The weight in the published photo is 47.3kg, which is a figure of underweight for HyunA, who is 164cm tall. Her slender body was once again certified by weight.

However, her fans are greatly pleased with her weight. The weight that HyunA certified in 2018 was a whopping 43kg, causing fans to worry at the time. As HyunA, who has recently revealed her exercise frequently, seems to have succeeded in increasing her weight through exercise, adding health as well as sexy charm.

The fan who saw the picture cheered, “HyunA is still too thin, but I’m satisfied with her weights, given that she gained weights now. After working out hard, HyunA is also cool. Health always comes first.”

HyunA is raising interest in the comeback by releasing a new song’s choreography clip video and music video footage.

Meanwhile, HyunA has been developing love with singer Dunn in public since 2018.


Photo| Hyuna SNS

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