‘Do you always eat Meal?’ Jang Dong-min “A big sister like a mother suffers from a rare disease… even said goodbye”

[Intern reporter Lee Hae-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

Comedian Jang Dong-min mentioned her older sister suffering from a rare disease.

In SBS Plus ‘Do you always eat Meal?’, which aired on the 10th, comedian Jang Dong-min and actor Kim Sun-kyung, who starred in the JTBC drama ‘The world of married’, appeared.

On this day, when asked about the priority of life, Jang Dong-min said, “First priority is mother, second priority is my sister.  She took care of me like a mother, and when I was a student, I worked and did all of my support”.

Yoon Jeong-soo said, “I didn’t know you thought so much about your sister. I haven’t ever noticed”

Jang Dong-min said, “Since my sister was 25, she suddenly suffered from a rare disease. It was a rare disease of the nervous system and rheumatism,” he said. “While I was serving in the army, her health suddenly worsened. At first, I had a shaman ceremony for her because I couldn’t know the name of the disease, but she didn’t get better, so She went to the hospital with the feeling of catching straw. After all sorts of tests, I knew my sister’s illness.” He revealed his pain and made everyone feel sorry.

Kim Soo-mi, who heard the story, said, “I saw Jang Dong-min’s agony while recording in the past. The joyful man just kept silent suddenly and I felt pity about him. But I was hoping that Jang Dong-min could live my life. I couldn’t think of it from my mom and sister”.

In response, Jang Dong-min said, “Honestly, my life right now is fun. Because if my sister earned 1 million won, she spent 900,000 won, so I thought that if I earn 100 million won, I should spend 90 million won on my sister. Now is the time to devote myself to my family. I think,” he expressed his heartfelt family love.


Photo| SBS Plus broadcast screen capture

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