‘Missing’ scammer Gosu X hacker Ahn So-hee, brother and sister scam chemistry explosion

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

OCN’s new Saturday and Sunday original ‘Missing: The Other Side’ Go Soo and Ahn So-hee show off the close ‘brother and sister scam chemistry’ of livelihood scammers and white hackers.

OCN’s new Saturday original ‘Missing: The Other Side’ (played by Ban Ki-ri Jeong So-young, director Min Yeon-hong), scheduled for the first broadcast on the 29th, is set in a soul village where the missing dead are gathered, a mystery chase to find a missing body and pursue the truth behind the incident. It’s fantasy.

Among them, Go Soo played the role of ‘Kim Wook’, a livelihood scammer who sees the soul, and Ahn So-hee played the role of ‘Lee Jong-ah,’ a white hacker at night while a public official during the day. Particularly in the play, Ahn So-hee is going to show off a close brother and sister chemistry than blood, helping Go Soo in his righteous morale, who has begun to uncover the mystery of the soul village. As a result, expectations are raised for the special fraudulent play that Go Soo of ‘livelihood scammer’ and ‘White Hacker’ Ahn So-hee will show.

Among them, the side of ‘Missing: The Other Side’ draws attention by first revealing two shots of Go Soo and Ahn So-hee, who are like real siblings. In the unveiled steel, Ahn So-hee shows the jewelry case to the Go Soo and draws his attention with a happy smile. Ahn So-hee’s cute expression as he glances at the master makes the viewers’ clowns ascend to heaven. Go Soo is also looking at Ahn So-hee as if she is adorable, and his strong and trustworthy side stands out from his smile, raising interest. In particular, the chemistry of solid trust is spread in the image of two people facing each other and talking.

Most of all, the expectation is raised that the two in the play are going to bring about a twist of laughter, such as showing off their chemistry even if they take care of each other. In addition, interest is amplified in the special morale play of Go Soo and Ahn So-hee, who will play an active part as a reliable helper, who has begun to uncover the mystery of the residents of the missing soul village.

The staff of “Missing: The Other Side,” said “Go Soo and Ahn So-hee boast a unique chemistry and are enthusiastic about shooting.” “The two can match the script if they have a chance, and the chemistry of Wook and Jong-ah can inspire the play. Trying to make it. Please look forward to the two brothers and sisters’ morale chemistry.”

Meanwhile, OCN’s new Saturday and Sunday original ‘Missing: The Other Side’ will be aired for the first time at 10:30 pm on Saturday the 29th.


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