On 2’o clock date, Soyoo said “Sistar’s ‘Touch My Body’ choreography is different from Ahn Young-mi’s chest dance”

[Intern reporter Eul-hee Noh on Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer Soyoo said that the choreography of Sistar’s ‘Touch My Body’ is completely different from Ahn Young-mi’s dance.

Singer So-Yoo, who made a comeback with the new song ‘GOTTA GO’, appeared in MBC FM4U’s ‘2’o clock Date Muzie and Ahn Young-mi’ (hereinafter ‘2’o clock date’), which aired on the afternoon of the 11th, as a guest of ‘The Unknown First Seat’.

On this day, DJ Muzie asked, “Sistar has already reached its 10th anniversary this year. What song is your personal favorite among the songs you have ever played as a member of Sistar?” Soyoo said, “I love ‘Loving You’ the most.”

Listening to this, Ahn Young-mi raised the suspicion of plagiarizing her trademark ‘Chest Dance’, saying, “I can’t honestly say about ‘Touch My Body’.”

Soyoo said, “No. It’s different. You can say that you didn’t use your sister’s dance,” he explained by reproducing the point choreography of’Touch My Body’. Soyoo re-emphasized, “We are not pushing (chest) here. It is completely different,” and aroused laughter.

On the other hand, Soyoo released a digital single ‘GOTTA GO’ on the 28th of last month and is actively engaged in activities. The new song ‘GOTTA GO’ is a song that stands out with the rhythm of reggaeton and the cool tone of Soyoo.


Photo| MBC Visible Radio Capture

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