‘Radio Star’ Sunmi reveals extreme JYP experience “It’s not easy to stare at Park Jin-young for 5 minutes”

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer Sunmi unveils ‘Extreme JYP Experience’ in harmony with her teacher and duet partner Park Jin-young in ‘Radio Star’.

MBC ‘Radio Star’, which airs on the 12th, will be decorated with a special feature of ‘Who is your teacher’ with Park Jin-young, his favorite student Sunmi, and Park Jin-young’s teacher Kim Hyung-seok.

Park Jin-young makes a comeback with the new song ‘When We Disco’. In particular, this song is attracting attention even before the release, with Sunmi of Wonder Girls, a group created by Park Jin-young.

After leaving JYP entertainment, Sunmi, who had a duet stage with Park Jin-young, was caught by Park Jin-young’s fatalistic question and said she could not refuse the duet proposal, raising questions about what happened. In addition, it stimulates curiosity by revealing the secret of making ‘eye contact’ during the shooting of the concept music video for the concept of lovers with Park Jin-young, saying, “It is not easy to see Park Jin-young for 5 minutes.”

Sunmi also hints at Park Jin-young’s change. At the time of recording the hit song ’24 hours is not enough’, Sunmi, who revealed that he recorded one letter of “Mo~” for 3 days, confesses, “This time, the recording was finished in two hours,” stimulates curiosity. Kim Hyung-seok, who quietly listened to the story of the two, raises questions about Park Jin-young’s reason for his change as Solomon’s answer.

After that, even the ‘toe piano’, that Sunmi said she’s not surprised, as she has seen it since her childhood, talked about the most shocking performance of JYP.

Park Jin-young and Kim Hyung-seok are unexpectedly common denominators to bloom a story. The first topic is daughter. The two late daughters became fools, and they couldn’t hide their dad’s smile by revealing anecdotes with their children. Park Jin-young, the father of two daughters, is expected to show off his daughter’s foolishness by revealing anecdotes showing off his genius musical temperament and extraordinary bounce when he listened to the hit song ‘It’s Only You’ at 16 months old.

Another concern of Park Jin-young and Kim Hyung-seok is none other than ‘Radio Star’ MC Kim Gura. The two said, “Kim Gura is so cute,” and they plan to embarrass Kim Gura by revealing the characteristics of Kim Gura that can only pick up “steamed lovers”.

In particular, it is said that Kim Hyung-seok made the story of Kim Gura, who received the Rookie of the Year Award at the Entertainment Awards, and made him ‘confused’. The broadcast is at 10:40 pm on the 12th.


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